Lost Mines of Phandelver

Wraiths, Secrets and Roundabout Paths

"Elvish is NOT a dark eldritch secret!"

(No Theren this week, so he spent the game as a giant spider.)

After clearing the Forge of Spells, our intrepid adventurers headed to the Wizard’s Guesthouse, as suggested by Klek. They encountered Mormesk… an old acquaintance of Klek’s.
However, he wasn’t himself. As they entered, he claimed their lives forfeit. A ghostly creature, he shrieked in anger, as he said “Your presence is offensive to me. My treasures are mine alone, not yours to plunder!”.

The group didn’t know what he was, but Arranis guessed, miraculously, that he was a wraith, an angered, vengeful spirit of the dead. They tried to bargain with Mormesk, trading magical knowledge and weapons with him, for their lives. It was then that Wesley tried to give him the breastplate he took from the Forge of Spells.

Mormesk exclaimed “You have Dragonguard? Did this mean the spectator guarding the Forge of Spells has gone?”. When the group affirmed this assertion, he disappeared, speeding out of the room. The party took the opportunity to steal all of Mormesk’s possessions, which they loaded onto a floating disk conjured by Klek.

It was then that Klek reasoned that The Black Spider might be in the temple, dedicated to the dwarven god of mining, Dumathoin. They headed the south but were stopped as the floor of the cavern ahead was covered in mushrooms and other fungi. Concerned, they used the floating disk to ride above the room, but unfortunately the fungus ejected poisoned gasses just from their presence. They made it to the otherwise, but just barely.

Finding themselves in a corridor, they took a short rest to recover. Wesley took the time to count their new found riches. Arranis performed some rituals, and Klek identified some magic items, including Arranis’ Boots of Striding and Springing.

At full strength, they journeyed on, entering the original entrance to Wave Echo Cave, noting the ground littered with the skeletons of fallen dwarfs. Klek went to them, feeling saddened at their passing. Arranis stayed back, nervous at the possibility of being attacked by more undead while Wesley headed out to see what was in the next area.

Unfortunately, horrible winged bat-like creatures attacked from the ceiling, flapping around and attaching themselves to everyone. Recognising them at stirges, they fought to kill them as quickly as possible. Klek was worst hit, but Wesley helped him clear them. Next, Klek fired a colour spray that blinded Arranis and the stirges attacking him. Arranis performed a little blind surgery and killed the two that attached to him, before using throwing knives on the third. They pulled through, with a little help from Theren, who provided a little healing.

After a little more recovery time, our adventurer’s made it to the temple. Klek went to see what was going on. He overheard conversation between two males, in a language he didn’t understand. Discovering that there are two entrances to the Temple, Arranis goes to listen at the other door, listening intently as the two voices speak in Elvish. They are making battle plans of some kind.

Who are these people, and what are they planning? Find out next time, for the thrilling conclusion!


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