Lost Mines of Phandelver

Wesmond and the Spelunkers

Venturing forth, our intrepid adventurers marched to Wave Echo Cave with purpose, to liberate it from The Black Spider, and get revenge for all the misdeeds he has performed.

Upon arrival, the group discover the dead body of Thurden, the younger of Gundren’s two brothers. He offers Thurden’s magical boots to the group, albeit sadly.

Moving further into the cave, they discover a small lake, with a few skeletons of humans. After some slacking off and slapstick, Reust discovers a Wand of Magic Missile and some platinum hidden under the murky depths.

They waded through part of the lake, ending up in a large cavern with a rift on the far side. A drow and bugbear were here, looking over the edge. Arranis tried to intimidate the pair, but Reust interrupted, breaking down negociations. Fighting ensured, revealing that two more bugbears were in the rift, digging for something.

The group takes care of the lot, but not before the drow cries out, shouting for his “Master”.

They move on, walking down a tunnel which turns out to be part of a water channel, used to power a waterwheel and furnace. A floating ghostly fire-skull exists in here, and it begins attacking the party, in addition to three large zombies.

(We ran out of game time here, but we assumed the group would have taken all the zombies down, after using some resources.)


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