Lost Mines of Phandelver

Magical Methods and other knowledge

The application of poking objects with sticks

Grieving their dead companion, Reust, the party arrange his body, reinforce the apparent dining room they had taken residence in and took watches so that finally, they could rest.

During this time, the group spotted something that no one has noticed during the initial excursion into the room: A large crystalline structure in one corner.

After awakening, Arranis and Wesley begin doing magical study (aka, poking it with sticks) in order to discover what the object was. It was then that Arranis recalled that this kind effect can occur when spells mis-fire in areas of high magical density.

Wesley tries to poke the crystal with his sword, but as it is about to make contact, a small spark of magic occurs, and the crystal breaks down. From within, first a skeleton is ejected, and then the diminuitive body of what appears be a gnome.

Introducing himself Klek (followed by approximately 17 other names) Doublequick, he immediately began to talk with the group. Apparently he was a wizard who was working here, before an Ork attacked him. Unaware of the time difference, some amusing conversation occurs where Arranis and Klek insult each other’s approaches to magic.

The group asks Klek to lead them to the Forge of Spells, and he obliges. The Forge turns out to be a brazier that emits GREEN FLAME! According to Klek, the aura of the Forge has significantly reduced. He tests it on a dagger, which takes on a weak magical aura, but fails to hold the spell that was intended. Arranis then enchants his daggers.

In this room, a Spectator (a creature summoned from the Far Realm) exists which guards the room. It talks with the group. Apparently, it has been defending the Forge from zombies and other undead, and seemed perfectly fine about this fact. Klek explains that the spectator, called Gretlana (pronounced Gret-Laaa-naaa) was summoned by Devin, another wizard, in order to protect the Forge.

Klek tells Gretlana that their services are no longer required, and its employment can now end, so it disappears back to The Far Realm. There are a couple of spare items in this room, which the group pockets.

What awaits the party now?


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