Lost Mines of Phandelver

Fallen Friends and Enemies

We Shall Remember You

(This report was written about 4 weeks after the session, so details are scant. Also, Arden’s player has left us, and this is his finale.)

We left our party last time in the aftermath of a fight with King Grol and the mysterious drow, we learned that the drow was a devoted servant of the Black Spider, who was here to kill the dwarf and take the map marking the position of the Wave Echo Cave, so that none may know its secrets. She refused to divulge any further information, loyal to the end, so the party killed her.

Wesley buried her outside the castle.

To make sure they were safe, the group had to deal with last of the castle. First they scared off some of the hobgoblins in the next room and proceeded south to the final area, where they encountered an owlbear waiting for them. And it was hungry.

Reust went in first, launched a few attacks and dived under a table.
Arranis followed, distracting the creature briefly, while Wesley tried to get a few hits in.

(This bit is especially incomplete, due to the aforementioned month gap.)

The beast retaliated, knocking Wesley back and out of the fight again.
It was then that Arden ran in, using the last of his healing magic to give Wesley a last chance, as the owlbear used its claws, plunging them deep into his chest. Lifting him bodily, and off against the wall, Wesley rose for a final bout.

Between them, the party avenged their ally and friend, before returning to King Grol’s quarters, in order to rest and recover from the onslaught of goblins.

Their rest was briefly interrupted by a band of hobgoblins, returning in the night. Impressed that the group had defeated their leader, whom they were planning to overthrow, they allowed our adventurers to rest for the night.


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