A simple frontier town.


The town profited greatly from the Phandelver’s Pact hundreds of years ago, before orcs swept through, destroying the town.

Notable Locations

Barthen’s Provisions

The party were told to take Gundren Rockseeker’s supplies here, for a reward of 10gp each.

Stonehill Inn

A newly built establishment where respectable people can find room and board. Arranis has set up a large tab here.

Lionshield Coster

A store operated by Linene, who is grateful that the party have helped recover her shipment from the goblins. She sells general adventurer’s gear, armour and weaponry.

The Townmaster’s Hall

Harbin Wester, the current townmaster, operates from here, where all town disputes should be dealt with. In addition, Sildar Hallwinter has set up a base of operations in these offices. Apparently, there is a sign on a board out the front.

The Shrine of Luck

A simple cobblestone shrine and wishing pool in honor of Tymora, the goddess of luck and fortune. It is maintained by Sister Garaele, who might have a favor for the party.

The Sleeping Giant Taphouse

A tavern managed by a surly female dwarf, frequented by members of The Redbrands.


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