Lost Mines of Phandelver

Off the Beaten Path

The events which start our campaign are partially based on the way a one-shot was run prior to our group forming, but using the pre-generated characters from the Starter Set, as well as with a couple of different players.

What follows is the set up to the rest of the campaign.

We join our adventurers in the city of Neverwinter. A dwarf, by the name of Gundren Rockseeker, approached the party excitedly, asking them if they’d be willing to run an errand for him, claiming he and his brothers had found “something big.”

Gundren, and his companion, a warrior by the name of Sildar Hallwinter, set off ahead of the group on horseback, so that Gundren could arrive early and “take care of some business.”

And thus, the party found themselves escorting a wagonload of supplies along the Triboar Trail, heading east towards the town of Phandalin. They were to take the wagon to Barthen’s Provisions, a trading post in Phandalin, for the reward of 10 gold pieces each.

A few days since leaving Neverwinter, they notice an obstruction on the road ahead. Two dead horses blocking the path, each peppered with arrows. As the group brings the party close to investigate, they are attacked by a band of goblins.

These adventurers are no pushovers, however, and despite a couple of lucky shots on the goblin’s part, our heroes dispatch three of them, sparing the life of the last one.

Introducing himself as “Bek”, the goblin says that they were ordered to watch the trail, robbing anyone who came past. However, he also says that they were recently ordered to capture a dwarf, along with all his belongings, to return to Grol, King of the tribe. Apparently, someone named the “Black Spider” is paying the tribe to capture Gundren.

In exchange for his life, Bek offers to lead the party to the goblin’s hideout, avoiding the traps along the way. After arriving, they swiftly dispatch the guards outside hiding in the thickets and thus, they enter the cave…

Goblin Plumbing

As the proper first session of the campaign, we did a few introductions and established a few pieces of background, which I will expand upon as the campaign world develops.

The four characters for our session were:

  • Wesley Darwin, an ex-soldier from the Neverwinter Militia. Missing a hand, which has been replaced by a gauntlet that can grip his sword, or other objects.
  • Jack Harman, ex-platoon leader of the Militia before a crushing defeat.
  • Arden Abbey, a halfling cleric, who’s worked with Jack and Wesley before, as a group of mercenaries.
  • Arranis Rookwood, Warlock. The group were travelling just outside Neverwinter when they rode past him. He jumped onto the wagon and hitched a ride, eventually proving his worth as an adventuring partner when the group were ambushed.

We left our adventurers last time as they were about to enter the goblin’s hideout. Sliding into the first room, they spotted three wolves chained up to a stalagmite. Seeing the party, they ran to them, snarling and nashing their teeth. Jack impaled the first one on his rapier. Wesley raised his greatsword and beheaded the second. The third was immolated by Arden’s Sacred Flame spell.

Investigating the rest of the room, the group spotted a fissure, opening to what much have been a natural chimney, leading upwards. They decided to leave it, and progress through the cave. Coming around the bend, they simultaneously spot a passage way choked with rubble, and a bridge. Jack spots a goblin on the bridge, surprised to see the party. Jack fires a shot, missing him narrowly, and the moves out of sight, accompanied by the sounds of goblin shouting.

The party spends a moment deciding what to do. Flowing water is heard. Arranis began climbing up the passage to the left. A rock slips beneath him, and he tumbles to the bottom, unconscious.

At that point, a huge surge of water sweeps up the party. Wes leaps to catch Arranis’ body and gets a grip on the wall. Arden is swept up, but clings to Arranis’ robes, and Jack is caught by surprise and pushed out of the cave. The rest of the party run out of the cave and retreat to make camp, to rest for the night.

After resting and recovering, the group went for a new approach. They first interrogated Bek, who informed them that the goblins could cause two floods, and that the chimney goes up into Klarg’s cave. Klarg is the leader of this group of goblins.

Returning to the chimney, Wesley strugged, but successfully climbed up first, after a little help from Arden’s magic. Immediately, a huge bugbear spots him, as he tumbles into the room. He quickly ties a rope to a stalagmite nearby, shouting for the others to get up here. The bugbear rushes him. Arranis hurries up the rope and casts “Charm Person” and befriends the bugbear, who turns out to be Klarg.

They convince him to release Sildar Hallwinter. The goblins who bring Sildar to Klarg’s cave begin muttering between themselves, while the party tries to convince Klarg to overthrow King Grol, chief of the Cragmaw clan, of which these goblins belong. The goblins suddenly attack Klarg, and in the confusion, the group manage to steal one of the boxes of supplies the goblins must have stolen from others during their ambushes.

Battered and bloodied, Klarg emerges victorious, having killed all four of the goblins. Coming back over, Arranis pretends to give him a hug, but proceeds to stab him twice in the neck and chest, before Wesley beheads him.

Riffling through the boxes, a treasure chest containing hundreds of coins, and a couple of gems and potions are found. In a pouch by one of the goblins, Arden finds a few gold teeth and some more money. Among the stolen goods are a wagonload of boxes with the picture of a blue lion’s head on the side.

Sildar begins talking to the party. He thanks them for rescuing him and requests that they escort him on to Phandalin, offering 50gp for their services. He then informs the party about the Phandelver’s Pact, as well as the fact that Gundren and his brothers had apparently found Wave Echo Cave, the location specified by the pact, and were coming to uncover it, and bring wealth to the area.
In addition, he recalls the goblins saying that someone, or something, named The Black Spider had apparently paid King Grol to have his clan capture Gundren as well as all of his possessions (including a map to the cave) and bring them to him, at Cragmaw Castle.

Jack gives him one of the goblin’s scimitars and leads the party on through the cave, sneaking up on and defeating the remaining creatures in the cave, putting a stop to the tribes tyranny for a while, at the least!

At this point, the party levels up, with a total of 350xp each.

Brawls, Bards and Bek.

Left alone in a cave in a hillside, surrounded by the bodies of bugbears and goblins, our adventurers found several boxes of supplies, branded with a blue Lion’s head. Thinking they might be able to sell some of it, they take a box or two, in addition to the treasure already collected and load it into the wagon.

Sildar Hallwinter re-iterates his wish that the group escort him safely to Phandalin, for a reward when he can secure the funds. The group set off, with Bek tied up in the back of the carriage, along with the other supplies.

After another days travel. the party make it to Phandalin, as the sun begins to set. They check into Barthen’s Provisions to deliver their goods and retrieve their reward, 10gp per party member. In the meantime, Arranis Rookwood makes his way over to the Stonehill Inn for a drink, and sets up a large tab there.

Barthen’s shop-hands point out that the boxes have the logo of the Lionshield Coster, a store on the other side of town, and suggest to go over there. Wesley, Jack and Arden walk through the town square, noticing a minstrel playing some music on a flute, with a longbow and small satchel close by.

Suddenly, a group of thugs in red clocks make a ruckus, harassing a couple of people who were listening to the music. Jack gets their attention and the two groups pass insults between each other. The minstrel stops playing and tries to calm them down, but to no avail, as fighting begins.

The bard picks up their flute again and suddenly one of the thugs looks terrified and starts to run away. Jack hits the runner with his crossbow, severely injuring him. Wesley sidles up to another, striking him with his sword. Arden tries to command the thugs to grovel, but they ignore him. The runner escapes, while the leader, unhurt thus far, makes a run towards Jack. Suddenly, the bard is holding the longbow and there’s an arrow through the leader’s head. Killed instantly, he falls to the ground in-front of Jack. Briefly surprised, Jack moves over to the final red-cloaked bandit, sword drawn, hand crossbow raised. He makes the shot as he approaches and the bandit crumples, dead.

The fight lasted less than 12 seconds, so the bystanders are a little surprised. Jack orders Wesley to move the bodies to one side and goes to comfort the bystanders, before heading to the townmaster’s hall. The bard packs up and leaves their spot as well.

At this point, Arden goes to the Inn to find Arranis, and joins him for a few drinks, sampling the local ales and cider. Wesley waits with the bodies, finding 10cp in their pockets.

Walking together to the townmaster’s office, both Jack and the minstrel walk in, finding Sildar and a man they presume to be the townmaster having a conversation. Looking up, he introduces himself as Harbin Wester, he listens as Jack explains the situation, his expression appearing to grow increasingly nervous with every word. Apparently the thugs were part of The Redbrands, who Harbin describes as “just a mercenary guild, really.” But it is obvious from his expression that he is troubled by them. (DM Note: The bard definitely did some valuable talking here also, but I can’t for the life of me remember the whole discussion. Apologies for the omission.) Harbin follows the pair back to the square to survey the damage and arrange for someone to handle it.

The bard takes off for a stroll around town, while Jack and Wesley go to rejoin the others at the Inn. After arranging for some rooms, Jack visits Bek in the unloaded wagon, explaining to him that he needs to stay in the wagon, tied up, to keep everyone safe and calm and prevent them panicking. Bek agrees and remains there while Jack wraps him in a blanket and leaves. Soon, Bek begins to sing to himself, when the bard enters the wagon. They talk about why Bek is there, how he is part of the Cragmaw Clan and how he is pretty happy, if a little uncomfortable. The bard introduces himself as Eli, and eventually they both fall asleep.

Awakening early the next day, Eli undoes Bek’s ropes, letting him be free if he wants to be. Bek stretches and gets comfortable, falling back to sleep again, before the rest of the group turns up outside. Eli jumps out and the group argue a little. Jack is upset that Bek is untied, but Arranis points out that Bek didn’t run away, which is interesting. Discussing the magical and martial arts, Eli and Arranis begin to bond, and Jack agrees to allow Eli to join them on their little quest.

The party heads over to towards the Lionshield Coster to see about returning the goods that the goblins had found. Linene, owner of the establishment, thanks them, taking note of where the shipment was and getting the rest unloaded straight away. She gives the group a bag of 50gp as a reward, in addition to offering any other help she can provide.

After this, Arden and Arranis walk to the Sleeping Giant Taphouse to sample their drinks, Jack goes to visit Sildar at the townmaster’s hall and collect their payment while Wesley and Eli go to pay their respects at the Shrine of Luck, which Wes recognises as a shrine to Tymora.

Inside the shrine stands a woman in white robes, with a pin on her breast. Eli mistakes her for Tymora, before she introduces herself as Sister Garaele, a member of the Harpers. She was impressed with how the party handled the Redbrands the day before. She tells them that they usually hang out around the Sleeping Giant, when they aren’t hassling the townsfolk. She also mentions that she might have a task for the group, if they are available.

Jack meets with Sildar, who pays 50gp for their escort services, and expresses his desire that they find Gundren Rockseeker soon. Sildar is remaining here because he is looking for someone.

Arranis and Arden walk into the Taphouse and find a seat in the corner, after getting some expensive drinks (1 and 2sp, respectfully), from a very surly female dwarf. The tavern is occupied solely by red-cloaked figures. One comes up to Arden and says pointedly, “Were you one of the guys that beat up my friend, yesterday?”. Arden claims he wasn’t (because he actually didn’t hurt anybody during the fight), but that he knew those guys.

The thug presses a fist into his other palm and growls, “Well then, I want you to deliver a message from me…”

Interrogations and Investigations
Where'd they go?

Both the players for Jack and Eli were absent for this session, inspiring the revelations made in this session. In addition, this session was shorter than normal. Approximately 2 hours long.

After talking to Sister Garaele, Eli went to take a walk, while Wesley hung about town.

Meanwhile, in the Sleeping Giant Taphouse, a few Redbrands picked a fight with Arranis and Arden. Chucking them outside, 4 of the brigands began attacking, when Wesley took notice. Arranis cast some hideous spell on the first, destroying his brain in the process. Wesley stabbed the second, before knocking a third out with the pommel of his sword. The fourth, afraid, ran away.

Taking the thugs cloaks, they dumped the bodies, taking the unconscious one to the Townmaster’s Hall. Interrogating him, they find that they are being lead by Glasstaff and were hired by the Black Spider to capture any dwarves, as well as scare away adventurers. Apparently they are based in the manor at the edge of town.

After this, they take some rest in the Stonehill Inn, and get some lunch. Realising no one inside the Inn has seen Eli or Jack in a while, they ask around. Elsa, a barmaid, tells them of a retired adventurer living in town, but sadly hasn’t heard from the missing party members since the morning.

The three search town looking for them, visiting the Shrine of Luck before splitting up. Wesley encounters someone, who tells them about a carpenter, who was killed after standing up to some Redbrands. His family has been missing for a little while now too.

Meeting back up with Arden and Arranis, the group go to see Duran Eldermath, who expresses his desire that the team stand up to the Redbrands, and drive them out of town. He tells them a little about the cellars of the manor, before they go on their way.

As the group returned to town, the noticed that they were followed by a small halfling child. Cornering him, he introduces himself as Carp, who apparently spotted some Redbrands near some shrubs in the forest. he thinks theres a tunnel there. He offers to show the party.

The group decide to attack tomorrow, early in the morning, so they return to the Inn for the night.

Dungeons and Deceptions

The players of Jack and Eli will no longer be joining us for this campaign, so again we have a reduced party.

Arriving in the woods just south of Tresendar Manor, Carp shows the remaining half of the party the area he saw Redbrands emerge from a few days ago. Searching around, they find a tunnel leading north, underground. They tell Carp to go home, while they venture ahead.

The tunnel is about 150feet long. Walking along to its end, they emerge into a cavern, with a huge crevase splitting the room in two. Suddenly, within their minds, the group can hear vague mutterings, cackles and the titters of some unholy creature, as it steps out in front of them.

It appears hungry, and knows things I shouldn’t. Arranis thought-casts with it, convincing it that it will let the creature eat the Redbrands they kill, so long as they are allowed to pass. It begrudgingly accepts the deal, and climbs down and away.

The group moves on, listening for noise at various doors. They enter what appears to be a small alechemy lab, which Arranis deduces is being used to create Potions of Invisibility. Shortly after entering, they hear something made of glass smash on the stone ground. Wesley investigates by peeping through the keyhole of the door leading next door, and watches as a humanoid picks up a staff made of glass and escapes through a secret door in the room.

Moving into the room, they find a letter, addressed to “Iarno”, and signed with the mark of a Black Spider. In addition, they find a small chest of treasure.

Carrying on through the cellars, they enter a room filled with Redbrands playing a game of some kind. Convincing them that the creature was attacking more of the thugs, they trick some of them into helping, returning to the cavern. One of them climbs down, while Wesley pushes the other in.

Moving to attack, Arden walks onto a bridge across the Cravass, but the bridge is rigged, and he falls in. The redbrands attack the creature, while the party attacks them, until Wesley begins to attack the horrific thing as well. Eventually, they are successful.

Investigating, Wesley finds a small treasure cache, including a sword, labelled “Talon”, with a hilt shaped like wings of a bird of prey.

The other two drunk Redbrands come by to investigate, and the group attacks them as well.

Further investigation led the group to a room filled with bugbears. They decide it wise to return later, instead heading to a room in the southeast, filled with supplies. Bursting from an adjacent room come three more thugs, who knock Wesley unconscious briefly, before the group takes them down. They hide out in the small room to rest.

A Long Way To Fall
Down... down... down...

(As the players of Jack and Eli are no longer in our campaign, they have become NPCs of convenience.)

Recovering after the battles of last session by hiding in one of the rooms in the Redbrand hideout, our intrepid heroes listened at the door until the coast was clear, before venturing to explore the doors of this chamber, which contained a little drinking pool, and crates of supplies. As they emerge, they first realise that some of the supplies have gone. They climb the stairs in the room and open the door. Behind it are stone steps that lead up to the ruins of the Tresendar Manor’s kitchen. Figuring they’ve gone the wrong way, the group returns to the cellar, and through its other door.

This door led them to a hallway, with faux columns on its sides, every 10 feet down, leading to a pair of copper clad double doors. Wesley examines one of the columns while Arranis went down the corridor to the doors. About half way there, the tiled floor gave way under him, giving him milliseconds to react. Fortunately, he catches the edge of the pit, as the tiles and timber holding them up fall to the ground. Wesley pulls him back up.

The group decide to send Arden Abbey into the pit, to see if there’s anything interesting down there, so he wraps some rope around his waist and Wesley lowers him in. He finds nothing. Wesley moves around the edge of the pit, pulling Arden back up, on the door-side of the hole. They go to investigate the door. Arranis follows Wesley’s path around the edge, but slips and falls in. Wesley pulls him back up, a second time, and the group continues.

They push the copper doors open, to reveal three sarcophagi, being rested upon by animated skeletons. Arranis thought-casts to ask them if they may pass, to which the skeletons nod. So the group check the two doors leading from this room.

They see Redbrands in one of the rooms, through a keyhole, so they mix a little nightshade into a couple of drinks and Arranis stumbles in, pretending to be drunk, to offer the pair a drink. He spots two females, a boy as well as Eli and Jack. The brigands take a drink, thank Arranis and promptly expire, crumpling in a heap. The rest of the group filter in, and free everybody. Apparently they have rescued the family of Thel Dendrar, a carpenter who was killed by the Redbrands. Jack offers to escort the family back to Phandalin. They leave, and quickly run back in, screaming as the skeletons begin attacking them.

Our heroes run in, Wesley first, followed by Arranis, with Arden bringing up the rear. Wesley gets stabbed by a skeleton and slashes at it, before a shortbow-wielding skeleton hits him, taking him down. Arden invokes the powers of his deity to turn the undead. Sadly, he only manages to turn one of them, who promptly cowers in the corner. The skeleton wielding a sword moves over to Arranis, taking him down, but not before he looses a bolt of Eldritch power that melts its ribcage.

Arden runs over to Wesley and finds his healing potion. The ceiling creaks and cracks a little. He uses “Cure Wounds” to save Wesley, before returning to feed Arranis the potion. Suddenly part of the ceiling gives way, and a tiefling falls through, landing in the room, following shortly afterwards by a fox. Instantly surveying the room, the tiefling zaps one of the skeletons, but misses. The skeleton swipes at him, and suddenly the creature is engulfed in flames, killing the skeleton in one burst of fire. The group dispatch the sword-wielding skeleton and chase the turned skeleton out of the room. The tiefling casts an illusion over the pit and the skeleton falls in, breaking apart.

Introducing himself as “Reust”, the tiefling says he was wandering around, bored, so the group invite him to join them. After this, the rescued Mirna offers a little information about some valuable jewels from her home town of Thundertree, before Jack and Eli lead her and her family away.

Exploring the hideout, they discover a room of mundane weapon stores, and decide to go and tackle the bugbears, who they discover were tormenting a goblin on the floor. The group eventually dispatch the bugbears, killing all but one, as well as rescuing the goblin…

A Circular Stroll
Around and around we go...

Arden Abbey’s player was away this week.

After dealing with the bugbears harassing a goblin last time, the goblin introduces himself to the group as “Droop”. He is grateful that they saved him from the bugbears, who were bullying him for fun.

Droop identifies the main bugbear as “Mosk”, who is wearing an eye patch inlaid with gems. The group try to interrogate Mosk and Droop, learning that they were working for the Black Spider, and would share little else.

Killing Mosk, the party allows Droop to follow them around the remainder of the Redbrand’s hideout. First, they enter a storage room, filled with barrels of beaver pelts and food. Then, they return to Glasstaff’s study to find out where he went. Discovering the secret passage in his room, they followed it, until Arranis discovers the passage leading back to the resource room. The revelation that Glasstaff has escaped dawns on the party.

They return to the town of Phandalin to get a drink at The Sleeping Giant. The barkeep, a surly dwarf, serves them drinks while they tell the tale of how they got rid of all the Redbrands.

Next, the group heads to Barthen’s Provisions to sell and buy a couple of mundane items, before visiting Halia Thornton, who runs the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange, to sell some of the accumulated precious items for some coin. Halia asks the group if they managed to kill Glasstaff, offering a price for his head. She also asks the party to collect any correspondence they can collect from him. Finding a letter in the hideout, they show her. She ponders it with great interest, before returning it.

At this point, the party retires to the Stonehill Inn for a well earned night of rest.

Let Sleeping Goblins Die?

(No Arden again this week. Oh well)

Waking up after a night’s preparation, our intrepid adventurers met up with Bek, and, after a few unusual seating antics from Reust, the group began their journey north towards Cragmaw Castle.

With Wesley at the reigns, Bek by his side, Arranis Rookwood and Reust (who was sleeping) in the back, the wagon rolled on, until they began to leave the path, the Triboar Trail.

It was then, suddenly, that something quick darted through the canvas of the wagon, missing Arranis by a whisker. Peeking out the back, he sees a quartet of orcs speeding toward them, wielding javalins and greataxes.

Striking first, Arranis fires off a dissonant whisper, prompting one to turn tail and run away.
He wakes up Reust who, without thinking, launches an attack of his own, tearing a hole through the cabin wall at another orc. To his surprise, his mysterious powers de-age him by about five years.

Bringing the carriage to a halt, Wesley leaps off to confront another orc, sword and axe clashing loudly, neither gaining an upper hand.

Taking advantage of the hole in the carriage, an orc throws a javalin, hitting Reust square in the shoulder, the third aiming for Arranis.

Eventually, the party gets the upperhand, defeating the orcish attackers, before continuing on. Reust drives for a while to allow Wesley to rest and recover.

An hour or two later, the wagon reaches the end of a forest, and the horses can’t continue. Leaving the horses and cart behind, they venture into the woods (after correcting Reust’s path). Soon reaching the castle, they scope it out, noting several arrow slits in the rundown walls of the building.

Reust and Arranis walk upto one of the main doors, knocking. They try convincing the goblins that answer to take them to their King, offering a ransom for Gundren Rockseeker. Sadly, the goblins lead them into a trap and attack them, hoping to steal their money. Fighting breaks out, but suddenly, Arranis kills the group’s leader, and the rest get scared and try to escape.

Wesley watches them go in, before hearing the goblins starting to shout. Bek informs him that they said “They’ve got money. Kill them!”. They run in through one of the collapsed sections, stumbling upon some goblins waking up from poorly made beds. Wesley warns them that it’d be better to stay in bed, than get out on the wrong side of it, and suddenly, he encounters a flood of fleeing goblins.

He gets knocked down...
...and he gets back up again!

(Arden was played remotely this session, with a problematic skype connection.)

Following last session’s fights, the group began moving through the ruined castle, rooting out goblins at every turn. They went to the north west towers first, where they dealt with the sleeping goblins there, doubling back to handle the groups watching the surrounding area through arrow slits.

They moved to the north-central spot, where they encountered an altar, covered in blood-soaked cloth, with three golden items placed neatly upon it: A knife, a chalice and a censer.

Before it were three goblins, kneeling and praying. As the group enter, they look up, and begin exclaiming about their great deity, Maglubiyet (chuckle). Arranis uses his telepathic abilities on the head goblin, pretending to be Maglubiyet, telling him that he orders the goblin to leave, as fast as he can. The goblin appears surprised, before running away, taking his flunkies with him. The party examines the room, discovering that underneath the cloth, the altar is carved with the carvings of good deities, like Tymora and …., indicating that the structure is human made, rather than goblin made.

Progressing to the center of the castle, the group is ambushed while examining a brazier, by a horrible worm-like creature with tentacles by its mouth. Spotted first by Arranis, he warns Wesley, who gets to make the final blow, beheading the abomination.

Further east through the castle, they discover more ruined areas, before stumbling into a fork in the road.

(The final part of this session log was written by Reust’s player.)

The party hear a bugbear and drow conversing as they approach the door on the left. As is now standard, Reust uses a Mage Hand spell to open the door and the group walk through as though they own the place. They notice, in addition to the drow and bugbear, a wolf and an unconscious dwarf.

The bugbear turns to face them, asking who they are and why they’re in his castle. The party decide to adopt a confusion strategy – Reust rambling about people following each other, Arranis claiming that they came on a rescue mission, and Wesley deciding that they’re here to rescue the Drow. Despite backing this final claim up with some unexpected knowledge (and a claim from Arranis that he and the drow are siblings, for some reason), the two see through this claim.

At this point, Reust decides that taking the wolf out of the fight would be useful, so he casts a minor illusion to create a cage around it. Sadly, the wolf sees through this as easily as its allies saw through the rescue mission lie. There is no further option besides combat.

The party arrange themselves for battle – Arden staying back to heal whilst the other three move forwards to attack. Immediately, the drow engages Reust. After taking a few hits from her, an arc of lightning bursts from Reust’s hand to hit her – but instead of dissappating as normal, it remains on her, continuing to damage her over time. Reust stays nearby to control the lightning, but otherwise tries to stay out of the way of the combat. VolpĂ© generally gets in the way of the wolf, kicking dust into its eyes and harassing it so that it can’t act properly.

In the meantime, Wesley tries to engage the bugbear, with Arranis switching between the two as necessary. Pretty quickly it becomes apparent that the bugbear is not an easy creature to take down – with it knocking Wesley unconscious repeatedly, resulting in a battle between the bugbear and Arden to see whether the fighter can be kept conscious for long enough to do any damage or not!

After a lot of effort, the drow finally goes down (though not before VolpĂ© jumps onto her head to distract her), and with the increased firepower on the bugbear he doesn’t last much longer. Exhausted, their spell slots all used up and one familiar unsummoned to prevent it from getting killed, the party collapse, the next stage of their quest complete.

Fallen Friends and Enemies
We Shall Remember You

(This report was written about 4 weeks after the session, so details are scant. Also, Arden’s player has left us, and this is his finale.)

We left our party last time in the aftermath of a fight with King Grol and the mysterious drow, we learned that the drow was a devoted servant of the Black Spider, who was here to kill the dwarf and take the map marking the position of the Wave Echo Cave, so that none may know its secrets. She refused to divulge any further information, loyal to the end, so the party killed her.

Wesley buried her outside the castle.

To make sure they were safe, the group had to deal with last of the castle. First they scared off some of the hobgoblins in the next room and proceeded south to the final area, where they encountered an owlbear waiting for them. And it was hungry.

Reust went in first, launched a few attacks and dived under a table.
Arranis followed, distracting the creature briefly, while Wesley tried to get a few hits in.

(This bit is especially incomplete, due to the aforementioned month gap.)

The beast retaliated, knocking Wesley back and out of the fight again.
It was then that Arden ran in, using the last of his healing magic to give Wesley a last chance, as the owlbear used its claws, plunging them deep into his chest. Lifting him bodily, and off against the wall, Wesley rose for a final bout.

Between them, the party avenged their ally and friend, before returning to King Grol’s quarters, in order to rest and recover from the onslaught of goblins.

Their rest was briefly interrupted by a band of hobgoblins, returning in the night. Impressed that the group had defeated their leader, whom they were planning to overthrow, they allowed our adventurers to rest for the night.


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