Tiefling Sorcerer


AC 13, 2 Sorcery Points, 3 HD, CG, level 3…

Traits: Obsessive, Suave, Quick-thinking
Ideals: Redemption, Home
Bonds: Stole from one guy continuously for a year
Flaws: Obsessive, Cocky, Unpredictable


Reust was born and grew up in the Outlands.
One day, one of his spells reacted badly with another caster’s and the resulting wild magic surge sent both of them to the material plane. The other caster didn’t last particularly long – and Reust still isn’t sure if that caster realised that he had sneak attack…

After a while bouncing around in this plane, Reust decided that he wanted to change his style. Being evil wasn’t really as effective as it was back in the Outlands, but being good seemed to get rewarded. So he ‘turned his life around’, although Volpe still disagrees with this path.
Now his goal is to return to the Outlands so that he can fix up his home city of Sigil – and maybe bring a measure of peace to the plane with this new “Good” thing he’s learned so much about…


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