Arden Abbey

A halfling cleric


Arden was orphaned at a young age, too young to have any real recollection of his parents. His parents were killed by a group of drow when travelling. He was found huddled beneath his father’s shield and was left at a monastery keeping the shield as a memento. He grew up in the monastery and was raised by clerics and monks, although not entirely interested in the theological and philosophical aspects of the monastery he immensely enjoyed the more practical facets of life as a monk: gardening, brewing, healing the sick and wounded. He thus began to spend more time devoted to Chauntea, the goddess of agriculture, praying for healthy crops and using her domain of life to bolster his healing abilities.

After reaching adulthood he left the monastery, seeking out something more interesting than the same walls and the same day-in day-out life. He joined a brewer’s guild, using his experience and knowledge taken from the monks and clerics of the monastery. He apprenticed under a master of brewing until the master’s death and—as per tradition—received a bottle of the master brewer’s final, finest draught. He realised that the artisan brewer and the monk-brewers had completely different sets of knowledge, and although they overlapped in some places there was so much each didn’t know that the other did. Upon the death of his tutor he decided that there was more to be learned from travelling and learning the techniques of different towns and peoples than from sitting around in one town advancing up the ranks of one branch of the brewer’s guild. He thus set off on a journey of discovery, joining a band of mercenaries for protection.

Arden Abbey

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