Lost Mines of Phandelver

Let Sleeping Goblins Die?

(No Arden again this week. Oh well)

Waking up after a night’s preparation, our intrepid adventurers met up with Bek, and, after a few unusual seating antics from Reust, the group began their journey north towards Cragmaw Castle.

With Wesley at the reigns, Bek by his side, Arranis Rookwood and Reust (who was sleeping) in the back, the wagon rolled on, until they began to leave the path, the Triboar Trail.

It was then, suddenly, that something quick darted through the canvas of the wagon, missing Arranis by a whisker. Peeking out the back, he sees a quartet of orcs speeding toward them, wielding javalins and greataxes.

Striking first, Arranis fires off a dissonant whisper, prompting one to turn tail and run away.
He wakes up Reust who, without thinking, launches an attack of his own, tearing a hole through the cabin wall at another orc. To his surprise, his mysterious powers de-age him by about five years.

Bringing the carriage to a halt, Wesley leaps off to confront another orc, sword and axe clashing loudly, neither gaining an upper hand.

Taking advantage of the hole in the carriage, an orc throws a javalin, hitting Reust square in the shoulder, the third aiming for Arranis.

Eventually, the party gets the upperhand, defeating the orcish attackers, before continuing on. Reust drives for a while to allow Wesley to rest and recover.

An hour or two later, the wagon reaches the end of a forest, and the horses can’t continue. Leaving the horses and cart behind, they venture into the woods (after correcting Reust’s path). Soon reaching the castle, they scope it out, noting several arrow slits in the rundown walls of the building.

Reust and Arranis walk upto one of the main doors, knocking. They try convincing the goblins that answer to take them to their King, offering a ransom for Gundren Rockseeker. Sadly, the goblins lead them into a trap and attack them, hoping to steal their money. Fighting breaks out, but suddenly, Arranis kills the group’s leader, and the rest get scared and try to escape.

Wesley watches them go in, before hearing the goblins starting to shout. Bek informs him that they said “They’ve got money. Kill them!”. They run in through one of the collapsed sections, stumbling upon some goblins waking up from poorly made beds. Wesley warns them that it’d be better to stay in bed, than get out on the wrong side of it, and suddenly, he encounters a flood of fleeing goblins.


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