Lost Mines of Phandelver

I'm a Firestarter

Twisted Firestarter

Leaving the forge room, with the left over remains of the zombies, the party head west down a corridor. Thirty feet down they meet a door, which appears to be barred. Listening close, the sounds of goblinoid are heard, but after standing, battle ready, for a minute or two, nothing happens, leaving our party perplexed.

Next thing they knew, they were being attacked by ghouls. Fortunately, Wesley spotted them, alerting the others, before taking out two of the three, while the party handled the last one.

Went down the passage to find a room to rest in, feeling severely exhausted. Unfortunately, the large room they entered was filled with yet more ghouls. ElfDruid used a flaming sphere to reduce the pace of the ghouls, but their paralyzing touches managed to snag Wesley and Arranis for a time. Reust broke the line to attract their attention. They persued him across the room, paralyzing and knocking him unconscious. They dragged away his body and began clawing at it, killing him. Vulpe, his faithful companion, managed to kill one of the two remaining ghouls before disappearing, leaving Reust upon the ground, limp.


avivbeeri avivbeeri

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