Lost Mines of Phandelver

Ice to Meet You

"Do halflings even have family?"

The group were making a return trip from Cragmaw Castle back to Phandalin with Gundren in tow, when they emerged from the forest and noticed a battle occurring.

They spotted Sildar Hallwinter with a sword trained upon another man, wielding an intricately decorated staff made of glass. Inferring that this was the infamous “Glasstaff”, who was in charge of the Redbrands, the group came to Sildar’s aid.

They overheard the two conversing. Sildar expressed his disappointment in Glasstaff’s activities. Apparently they knew each other. Glasstaff was referred to as “Iarno”.

As our party showed up, Glasstaff conjoured a trio of ice golems to fight for him. Unfortunately, they weren’t particularly smart, and in the confusion of battle, ended up knocking Iarno out.

While this was happening, an elven druid was patrolling the edge of the woods. Noticing the combat, he gave his aid, morphing into a giant spider, using his webbing to slow down the golems.

Once they were all shattered, Sildar expressed his thanks, relieving Iarno of his staff and giving it to the party. (Now wielded by Arranis).

The druid revealed that he had watched over the forest for almost 100 years. Gundren, impressed with his abilities, invited the druid to join the quest to take back Wave Echo Cave, offering a percentage of the profits therein.

It was revealed that the “Black Spider” was responsible for Gundren’s kidnapping, so that he could likely have the cave’s riches to himself.

They returned to Phandalin for a final rest.


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