Lost Mines of Phandelver

He gets knocked down...

...and he gets back up again!

(Arden was played remotely this session, with a problematic skype connection.)

Following last session’s fights, the group began moving through the ruined castle, rooting out goblins at every turn. They went to the north west towers first, where they dealt with the sleeping goblins there, doubling back to handle the groups watching the surrounding area through arrow slits.

They moved to the north-central spot, where they encountered an altar, covered in blood-soaked cloth, with three golden items placed neatly upon it: A knife, a chalice and a censer.

Before it were three goblins, kneeling and praying. As the group enter, they look up, and begin exclaiming about their great deity, Maglubiyet (chuckle). Arranis uses his telepathic abilities on the head goblin, pretending to be Maglubiyet, telling him that he orders the goblin to leave, as fast as he can. The goblin appears surprised, before running away, taking his flunkies with him. The party examines the room, discovering that underneath the cloth, the altar is carved with the carvings of good deities, like Tymora and …., indicating that the structure is human made, rather than goblin made.

Progressing to the center of the castle, the group is ambushed while examining a brazier, by a horrible worm-like creature with tentacles by its mouth. Spotted first by Arranis, he warns Wesley, who gets to make the final blow, beheading the abomination.

Further east through the castle, they discover more ruined areas, before stumbling into a fork in the road.

(The final part of this session log was written by Reust’s player.)

The party hear a bugbear and drow conversing as they approach the door on the left. As is now standard, Reust uses a Mage Hand spell to open the door and the group walk through as though they own the place. They notice, in addition to the drow and bugbear, a wolf and an unconscious dwarf.

The bugbear turns to face them, asking who they are and why they’re in his castle. The party decide to adopt a confusion strategy – Reust rambling about people following each other, Arranis claiming that they came on a rescue mission, and Wesley deciding that they’re here to rescue the Drow. Despite backing this final claim up with some unexpected knowledge (and a claim from Arranis that he and the drow are siblings, for some reason), the two see through this claim.

At this point, Reust decides that taking the wolf out of the fight would be useful, so he casts a minor illusion to create a cage around it. Sadly, the wolf sees through this as easily as its allies saw through the rescue mission lie. There is no further option besides combat.

The party arrange themselves for battle – Arden staying back to heal whilst the other three move forwards to attack. Immediately, the drow engages Reust. After taking a few hits from her, an arc of lightning bursts from Reust’s hand to hit her – but instead of dissappating as normal, it remains on her, continuing to damage her over time. Reust stays nearby to control the lightning, but otherwise tries to stay out of the way of the combat. VolpĂ© generally gets in the way of the wolf, kicking dust into its eyes and harassing it so that it can’t act properly.

In the meantime, Wesley tries to engage the bugbear, with Arranis switching between the two as necessary. Pretty quickly it becomes apparent that the bugbear is not an easy creature to take down – with it knocking Wesley unconscious repeatedly, resulting in a battle between the bugbear and Arden to see whether the fighter can be kept conscious for long enough to do any damage or not!

After a lot of effort, the drow finally goes down (though not before VolpĂ© jumps onto her head to distract her), and with the increased firepower on the bugbear he doesn’t last much longer. Exhausted, their spell slots all used up and one familiar unsummoned to prevent it from getting killed, the party collapse, the next stage of their quest complete.


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