Lost Mines of Phandelver

A Long Way To Fall

Down... down... down...

(As the players of Jack and Eli are no longer in our campaign, they have become NPCs of convenience.)

Recovering after the battles of last session by hiding in one of the rooms in the Redbrand hideout, our intrepid heroes listened at the door until the coast was clear, before venturing to explore the doors of this chamber, which contained a little drinking pool, and crates of supplies. As they emerge, they first realise that some of the supplies have gone. They climb the stairs in the room and open the door. Behind it are stone steps that lead up to the ruins of the Tresendar Manor’s kitchen. Figuring they’ve gone the wrong way, the group returns to the cellar, and through its other door.

This door led them to a hallway, with faux columns on its sides, every 10 feet down, leading to a pair of copper clad double doors. Wesley examines one of the columns while Arranis went down the corridor to the doors. About half way there, the tiled floor gave way under him, giving him milliseconds to react. Fortunately, he catches the edge of the pit, as the tiles and timber holding them up fall to the ground. Wesley pulls him back up.

The group decide to send Arden Abbey into the pit, to see if there’s anything interesting down there, so he wraps some rope around his waist and Wesley lowers him in. He finds nothing. Wesley moves around the edge of the pit, pulling Arden back up, on the door-side of the hole. They go to investigate the door. Arranis follows Wesley’s path around the edge, but slips and falls in. Wesley pulls him back up, a second time, and the group continues.

They push the copper doors open, to reveal three sarcophagi, being rested upon by animated skeletons. Arranis thought-casts to ask them if they may pass, to which the skeletons nod. So the group check the two doors leading from this room.

They see Redbrands in one of the rooms, through a keyhole, so they mix a little nightshade into a couple of drinks and Arranis stumbles in, pretending to be drunk, to offer the pair a drink. He spots two females, a boy as well as Eli and Jack. The brigands take a drink, thank Arranis and promptly expire, crumpling in a heap. The rest of the group filter in, and free everybody. Apparently they have rescued the family of Thel Dendrar, a carpenter who was killed by the Redbrands. Jack offers to escort the family back to Phandalin. They leave, and quickly run back in, screaming as the skeletons begin attacking them.

Our heroes run in, Wesley first, followed by Arranis, with Arden bringing up the rear. Wesley gets stabbed by a skeleton and slashes at it, before a shortbow-wielding skeleton hits him, taking him down. Arden invokes the powers of his deity to turn the undead. Sadly, he only manages to turn one of them, who promptly cowers in the corner. The skeleton wielding a sword moves over to Arranis, taking him down, but not before he looses a bolt of Eldritch power that melts its ribcage.

Arden runs over to Wesley and finds his healing potion. The ceiling creaks and cracks a little. He uses “Cure Wounds” to save Wesley, before returning to feed Arranis the potion. Suddenly part of the ceiling gives way, and a tiefling falls through, landing in the room, following shortly afterwards by a fox. Instantly surveying the room, the tiefling zaps one of the skeletons, but misses. The skeleton swipes at him, and suddenly the creature is engulfed in flames, killing the skeleton in one burst of fire. The group dispatch the sword-wielding skeleton and chase the turned skeleton out of the room. The tiefling casts an illusion over the pit and the skeleton falls in, breaking apart.

Introducing himself as “Reust”, the tiefling says he was wandering around, bored, so the group invite him to join them. After this, the rescued Mirna offers a little information about some valuable jewels from her home town of Thundertree, before Jack and Eli lead her and her family away.

Exploring the hideout, they discover a room of mundane weapon stores, and decide to go and tackle the bugbears, who they discover were tormenting a goblin on the floor. The group eventually dispatch the bugbears, killing all but one, as well as rescuing the goblin…


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