Lost Mines of Phandelver

A Circular Stroll

Around and around we go...

Arden Abbey’s player was away this week.

After dealing with the bugbears harassing a goblin last time, the goblin introduces himself to the group as “Droop”. He is grateful that they saved him from the bugbears, who were bullying him for fun.

Droop identifies the main bugbear as “Mosk”, who is wearing an eye patch inlaid with gems. The group try to interrogate Mosk and Droop, learning that they were working for the Black Spider, and would share little else.

Killing Mosk, the party allows Droop to follow them around the remainder of the Redbrand’s hideout. First, they enter a storage room, filled with barrels of beaver pelts and food. Then, they return to Glasstaff’s study to find out where he went. Discovering the secret passage in his room, they followed it, until Arranis discovers the passage leading back to the resource room. The revelation that Glasstaff has escaped dawns on the party.

They return to the town of Phandalin to get a drink at The Sleeping Giant. The barkeep, a surly dwarf, serves them drinks while they tell the tale of how they got rid of all the Redbrands.

Next, the group heads to Barthen’s Provisions to sell and buy a couple of mundane items, before visiting Halia Thornton, who runs the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange, to sell some of the accumulated precious items for some coin. Halia asks the group if they managed to kill Glasstaff, offering a price for his head. She also asks the party to collect any correspondence they can collect from him. Finding a letter in the hideout, they show her. She ponders it with great interest, before returning it.

At this point, the party retires to the Stonehill Inn for a well earned night of rest.


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